Remediation Solutions

Return to Target Production

KLX Energy Services provides effective, efficient workover operations—without the need for an actual workover rig. Whether looking for ways to boost production or addressing a major problem with the well, our team of specialists gets you back on track in a way that won't blow your OPEX budget.

Fishing Services

Our advanced fishing support and services mean reducing Non-Productive Time (NPT) via on-demand access to proven expertise—and the broad range of tools needed to remediate any problem quickly and effectively.

  • Retrieval of debris or stuck pipe from the wellbore or hole bottom
  • Supplying a breadth of tools: overshots with grapples, baskets, catch stops, etc.
  • Conducting wireline conveyed hydraulic pulling
  • Casing back-off operations and tools
  • Clearing wellbores with the use of oil jars and bumper subs
Wireline Services

Our experienced wireline units and technicians are able to run any tool downhole (or retrieve them) for specialized remediation work without the added cost or increased risk of bringing a workover rig on site.

  • Workover tool deployment via slickline/wireline
  • Mechanical intervention of all types
  • Advanced wireline pipe recovery capabilities
  • Well cleanout services
  • Downhole data collection
Thru Tubing Services

We also offer a variety of specialized thru tubing tools used for applications such as debris removal, cutting, fishing, cleaning and other workover operations—all delivered in a way that ensures absolute minimal NPT.

  • Mill out services (including extended reach)
  • Patching of tubing/casing
  • Cleaning out the wellbore
  • Toe prep
  • Sand control