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About KLX

About KLX
Energy Services

At KLX Energy Services, our goal is to streamline customer operations by not only delivering quality service safely—but also looking ahead for ways to better maximize efficiency, prevent unexpected issues and manage operational risk. Representing more than 1,000 employees in more than 35 locations nationwide, we provide more than 100 mission-critical oilfield services, tools, technologies and equipment to some of the industry's leading operators.

Advanced Engineering and Design

Specialized field expertise

Engineered tools and technologies

Products / services for every well phase

Strategic locations in every major basin


Every oilfield service provider comes ready for the job at hand. But at KLX Energy Services, we bring Next Level Readiness to every project and relationship. That means going above and beyond to plan even the smallest details of your project, bringing unmatched confidence in everything we do.

It also means helping customers think ahead—bringing experienced perspective and specialized technologies that get ahead of potential problems. From double-checking the basics to applying proprietary engineering that helps streamline operations, nobody brings more preparedness to your project than KLX Energy Services.