Maximize Uptime on
Long Laterals


Advanced Engineering. Enhanced Materials.

Designed in-house by the KLX Energy Services R&D department, the Havok™ Downhole Motor System helps eliminate Non-Productive Time (NPT) on long lateral runs. Each of the system's four main components are proprietary and exclusive to KLX Energy Services and were custom-engineered for next level efficiency every time.

  • Havok™ Downhole Milling Motor
    The Havok's ultra-reliable milling motor sports the industry's only all-Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) bearing design—meaning no ball bearings from which seal failure or torque lock can result.
  • Havok™ Extended Reach Tool (ERT)
    This system's advanced vibration tool helps the system negotiate long laterals by minimizing the amount of wellbore friction encountered during milling—a crucial advantage in long lateral applications.
  • Proprietary Hydraulic Disconnect
    The Havok's convenient hydraulic disconnect system lets you perform a number of completion tasks without having to pull the entire completion string to complete your operation.
  • Optimized Bypass Valve
    The second generation of this advanced bypass valve system, the Havok's advanced downhole bypass valve lets you pressurize the system beyond the limits of your downhole motor specifications—without damage or delay.

This advanced new downhole motor system represents a true breakthrough in the multi-disciplinary engineering of high-performance downhole tools. Download the tech specs, check out this video or contact your KLX Energy Services representative for more information.


System Specifications

  • All Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) motor
  • No motor lubricants needed
  • Compression set not required
  • Race deployment not required
  • Easy to service
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